Spiritual Rhythms for Quarantine

Forming intentional habits in a season of disruption.


Everything about your daily rhythms has now been disrupted - which means this is an incredible opportunity to form new rhythms that help us become more like Jesus. Let’s be intentional to form habits that guide us towards God’s power in a time of humanity’s powerlessness; towards courage in a cultural moment of fear; towards concentration and presence in a blitz of information and alerts; towards self-sacrifice in the midst of a mood of self-preservation. Let’s make our households abiding in love, rather than distraction and fear.


Start the Day in Quiet Prayer and Scriptue

  • Scripture before phone (or before computer/tablet/television)
  • Bible reading plan (share with friends/life group for accountability and encouragement)
  • Pray throughout the day (Everytime you wash your hands pray for your neighbors for 20 seconds, etc.)

Create a Gratitude Ritual

  • Make time to intentionally shift your attention to the things for which you are grateful. 
  • Write them down in a journal, send an email thanking someone for who they are or what they’ve done, share with family around the dinner table in the evening, etc.

Get Physical Exercise

  • While maintaining proper social distancing, exercise or go for a walk- especially in your own neighborhood.  
  • There is something about this that helps you stay grounded with God and others.

One “Focal Practice”

  • Find an activity that you can give your complete focus to without getting distracted or allowing yourself to be concerned about the conditions of the outside world.  
  • Some ideas: woodworking, cooking, gardening, reading, art, chess, puzzles, musical instrument, etc.

Relational Touchpoint

  • Establish or build on a relational touchpoint with a close friend, family member, etc. Make this a time to draw closer in relationships through technology, not a time to grow more distant.
  • Commit to being honest about your concerns and needs
  • A great scaffolding to start with is to share (1) What you are grateful for and (2) What you are concerned about. (3) Then pray together. 

Limit Intake of News

  • The news cycle moves at a rapid pace, but we are not created to live with that kind of internal tempo.  
  • Limit your intake to twice daily. Consider setting an alarm for once in the morning and once in the evening.

Limit Screen Time and Escapist Behaviors

  • Escapist behaviors are incredibly alluring right now. Find ways to limit your intake of things like social media, television, alcohol, sugar, staying up late, etc.

Prayer and Fasting on Tuesdays

  • During this time of fear and anxiety, we want to see God heal and restore people in our community and in the world around us.
  • Join us as we pray and fast Tuesdays through breakfast and lunch.


Virtual Community During the Week

  • Connect with your CLF family throughout the week. Make a commitment to show up (virtually), ready to care for one another.
  • Be honest about concerns and needs.


Sabbath and Virtual Worship

  • Continue your habit of practicing Sabbath, or start the habit for the first time.  
  • Join us weekly on Sunday morning as we “gather” virtually to worship together, learn from the scriptures together, and create space for the Spirit of God in our lives together.